Crack by Jennifer Lang

The studio door opens. You enter, say Shalom, sorry, so sorry, traffic. You point to your champagne-colored hijab, asking if it’s okay to change. I multi-move: guide the group into Downward Facing Dog and show you the bathroom. When you emerge, I’m dazed by looping, […]


Jellybeans by Gabrielle McAree

For four months, I dream my insides are jellybeans. Not the good flavors, the bad ones. Rotten eggs, smelly socks, dirty diapers, dead fish. If they were good flavors, normal flavors, I wouldn’t worry. When I call to tell you this, you’re in a meeting. […]

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Singular by Sher Ting

We learnt to speak in one-word sentences. Growing up, our families were similar – we had been born into families of craftsmen and arc-welders. They forged weapons with their teeth—each word an arrow, each syllable a silver bullet designed to puncture the air and bleed. […]

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The Casimir Effect by Jack Barker-Clark

Long before irony and before we all wore futuristic leggings, our class painted blotchy doomed planets, nobody yet wise or lucent or talented. We had graduated from shells and pebbles (delicately-seamed) and expanded logically into the universe. We’d captured Saturn’s rings and moons; our brushes […]

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Therapy Camp FAQ by Jillian Luft

What to Bring: Seven short-sleeved tops in hard candy colors, neatly folded. Seven pairs of denim shorts, cuffed above the knee. Seven pairs of socks and underwear. Mom says laundry’s done weekly. There’s no need to stress. A pair of knock-off Keds, laces removed. You […]

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