The Horses by Erin Schallmoser

“Is this something that people do?” Jet asked. “Go on trail rides at night?” Jet wasn’t the first boy I’d kissed, but he was the first boy I wanted to kiss again. His breath smelled like the beer he’d drank earlier at the party. He’d […]

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Walls by Rachel Laverdiere

A January blizzard brawls outside the studio window. Like the weather, my thoughts churn. Hands firm on the clay, elbows locked and braced against my inner thighs, I close my eyes and lean in. Gently, I press the foot pedal, and the wheel spins. In […]

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What She Bears by Yunya Yang

Auntie Liu glanced at the door every few minutes. The food in the baby bowl still sat untouched. Each morning, she cooked chicken breasts and ground the meat until the crumbs were no bigger than her fingernails. She put a full bowl at the corner […]

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Mourning Routine by Kip Knott

CW: self harm, suicide   Eliot lights the votive candle, then immediately blows it out. The gun-shot of his breath ricochets off the stone walls of the church until it finds a way out and vanishes. He lights the candle again, blows it out again, […]

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The Right Paperwork by Zack Austin

Uniformed men with shotguns patrolled the entrances to the American Embassy in El Salvador.  They were likely children of the Salvadoran civil war, now grown, who were over-familiar with violence and death. The pre-dawn darkness suited them. My husband and I approached the crowd of […]

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Fox in Flames by Maura Yzmore

Jolene sleeps with her back toward me, never faces me anymore. Makes sure she goes to bed way before or after me, says that she’s tired or that she can’t sleep. I feel her body radiating heat—my little furnace, I try to joke—but there’s a […]

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Maps by Derek Maine

Papa’s got me waiting in the car. He’s taking me to Nanna’s cause Momma’s screaming makes me scream and Papa says he can’t think like that. Momma slipped in the shower and is hurt. Papa is taking care of her and she’ll be alright. But […]

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Frostbite, 1981 by Paul Rousseau

Don’s gloves are useless. He fell hands first into a stream five miles back. Water entered the gloves. Now they are frozen. He can barely grasp his walking poles. “We need to make camp. I’ve had it, my hands have had it.” His voice is […]

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Planes by Elizabeth Muller

We live near the naval air base where the Hindenburg went down, fell to pieces like a flaming piñata. Sometimes planes fly so low they shake the pictures on the walls, make them slip to show the holes I’ve hung them over. I don’t know […]

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Mycology by Carolyn Oliver

Little Compton, late fall: Fern escapes from the clove and nutmeg of her mother’s house. She leaves the car near a pasture where bay mares graze in patches of sun. Across the dirt road, through a small park dense with maple and oak and advancing […]

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