His and Hers by Victoria Dillman

Watery light came through the small patch of window above her kitchen table, enough to guide Maribella to the now-silent fridge. She had not been aware that her fridge hummed until it stopped humming. She had not been aware how many sounds electricity makes until […]

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Mongoose by Anita Goveas

I should have written before. Papa sent me the boondi ladoos you like, and I knew I should try to explain. You’ve been waiting so patiently. He’s doing that more often now, sending treats but mixing up people’s favourites, sometimes their names. He addressed the […]

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Goodbye & Goodluck by Hannah Sutherland

Imagine this. You’re glancing out the window, watching the clouds float as you glide towards your future. The woman next to you twirls her iridescent earrings and turns the fan above her head, muttering about the clamminess. Don’t you feel it too? she asks you […]


Cemetery by Wood Reede

Her grandparent’s home was located on a quiet street directly across from an old cemetery. At night, when the house was silent and everyone was asleep, she would climb out of bed, sit by the window, and watch the evening mist blanket the gravestones one […]


Spinners by J.B. Stone

To some, it’s the cheap, last minute gift picked up from a distant father, idling through the display shelves of Dollar General. For Malcolm it was release. Grasped between his palms, it worked its underrated magic, trickling down the nerves of his fingers, a gentle […]

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James by J. Edward Kruft

We weren’t friends, unless you count that week. Can a week be considered a friendship? And then it is heard from a great distance that at not quite 46, he’s dead, and it makes one reassess history, and its influences. I don’t recall who sneaked […]

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