Timeless Odyssey by Bill Diamond

The narrow and demanding present straitjacketed Saniya’s body and mind.  The rush of routines and ordinary life killed days and choked reflection. As a child, Saniya knew she didn’t have to time travel to travel in time.  She dreamed of traveling in many ways.  She […]

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Grandma’s Three Heads by Traci Mullins

On top of my grandma’s dresser were three heads. Even though they had no eyes, I was sure they were watching me as I played with Grandma’s jewelry and sneaked peeks into her drawers. I named them Flora, Fiona, and Frances and made up elaborate […]

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Small Agonies by Richard-Yves Sitoski

Anne was turned off at the prospect of hearing Jeff’s dream, as she distrusted their surreal and preternatural qualities. She doubted they revealed the inner workings of the universe and the collective unconscious, and thought that at best they might provide fodder for artists. But […]

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Ever After by Sarah Freligh

I’m playing Goldilocks to your Papa Bear when the boats rev up again. Four days they’ve been out there with the divers and the hooks that bring up nothing. Four nights I’ve been sleeping in your bed listening in while you call Mama Bear to […]

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Choosing Nicknames by Yash Seyedbagheri

My name’s Nicholas Romanov. I give myself the nickname, “tsar.” I print it on cards for my piano school. Nicholas “Tsar” Romanov, Instructor. Pupils question me. Who gave you that right? Nicknames are earned, they proclaim with righteousness. Nicknames are predicated on allergies. Tics. Quirks. […]

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My Wife by Dan Rice

My wife has COVID-19. She was an essential healthcare worker. Now, she is quarantined. The boys want to see her. “I’m sorry, boys. Mommy might cough on you.” Netflix doesn’t keep the boys from reenacting the Thunderdome for long. Wash hands. Pray to Buddha that […]

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