June by SR Schulz

It was easy to miss her sadness. It lay deeper, occupying a soundless, dark, expansive space, and herself a satellite, flung from the bosom of a warm world a long time ago, constantly moving through the darkness, perhaps even believing at times she was escaping […]

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Larry by David Henson

Even though I knew Larry was thrilled to have his own apartment, he looked angry as he showed me around the place the human resource center’s social workers had set him up in. Larry was good-natured but always looked mad because of how his eyes […]

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Beginnings by Mary Lynn Reed

The sand is cold under my toes but I’m determined to see this thing through. To walk along the Pacific, listening to the waves, watching the surfers fight their delicate battles. Alone doesn’t feel so alone when you’re looking at the ocean. The seagulls soar […]

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Mistaken by Jacqueline Doyle

When the three of them shared a taxi on the way to an off-campus party one night, squeezed into the back seat with him in the middle, she could barely breathe, so aware of his body next to hers, how their legs touched, hip to […]

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The Drifter by Josh Walker

I always knew we were temporary. Or rather, I always knew that she knew we were temporary. We met at the start of summer, drunk on sun and alcohol. The years that have passed since have dissolved into a mess of moments so fluid that […]

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Short Order by Jess Golden

1. It’s morning all over again. Loud white lighting, sharp edges, pressured skull. Allen throws another few pounds of bacon on the grill to get ready for the day. Food particles hidden in steam settle into his body, his clothes. He holds his breath for […]

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What Matters by J. Thomas Eells

Our baby comes into the world, and the doctor winds it up and hands it to us as it starts to cry. It’ll run out of steam quickly, the doctor tells us. Best to let it sit for about an hour before winding it up again. Of course, […]

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Crack by Jennifer Lang

The studio door opens. You enter, say Shalom, sorry, so sorry, traffic. You point to your champagne-colored hijab, asking if it’s okay to change. I multi-move: guide the group into Downward Facing Dog and show you the bathroom. When you emerge, I’m dazed by looping, […]