Unfit by Christine M. Estel

Those black Vans clop, clop, clopped when I walked. They swallowed my small feet because they were meant for a man and I hadn’t gotten the sizing conversion right, but rather than returning them, I hung onto them, thinking they’d magically fit me, or at […]

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Summer of the Cicadas by Ryan Norman

The sun warmed my skin as I stood still, waiting, listening for the crunch slide, crunch slide of his steps on the gravel driveway. It would become my cicada song, sending my heart into dysrhythmic palpitations, stealing breath each time. He walked to me, crunching, […]

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Terminal by DS Levy

It had been years since Maury had ridden on a train, and now with the momentum beneath his feet thrusting him toward the terminal, he laid his head back against the seat and remembered something his father used to say whenever he pulled the station […]

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Last Visit by John Young

In the driveway the care assistant waits patiently in her small blue car as Don makes his final visit to what had been his home for over forty years of happy married life and afterwards to several solitary years. Just soldiering on. He recalls his jolly […]

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A Girl My Age by Vic Nogay

A girl my age died our senior year; kidnapped, raped, murdered, mutilated, her body in a bag left in a shed. I didn’t know her. I remember reading the newspaper (we still did that then) and seeing two photos. The first was her, poised and […]

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Undesirable by Gosia Nealon

1908, Ellis Island, New York   I fidget in a line formed by women and children. My forehead drips with perspiration from climbing several steps up to this enormous hall; my ears brim with snatches of conversations. I smooth my circle skirt decorated with floral […]