Not Blaming K by Dylan A. Smith

Though in her defense K really did fear that Paint. I saw it take shape like that myself more than once, say when she’d step inside the barn to ask me something strange—say strange like: Art, suppose that’s throwable clay making up the red shores […]

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Stealing Valium by DL Shirey

Stealing Valium from my father used to be easy. After school, before he came home from work to drowse in front of the TV, I rattled the orange vial and dropped a few in the toilet. I hoped his doctor would notice how quickly the […]


The Hard Way by A Whittenberg

You never know peopletill they dieyou gingerly pagethrough their privacy Those fresh, fateful photos:mothers in mauve miniskirts,fathers frying hash browns, wearing floppy hats After there is nothing at stake,you find out all that you could have given A little air comes in,combats the forming mold […]

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Pieces by Christopher Locke

CW: abuse When my mother was eight years old, she climbed to the top of her neighbor’s greenhouse and leapt, convinced she would fly. Her body crashed through the glass and she landed on top of a table filled with bright yellow daffodils.  Her right […]

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