Ice Fishing by Janet Koops

The trip had been the woman’s idea. To be honest, you weren’t her first choice. But she had booked the trip on a whim and didn’t want to go alone. She did not expect you to come, just as you had not expected her to […]

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Cuckoo’s Nest by Zoe Messinger

“I feel like I’m in a cuckoo’s nest with a bunch of old farts!” I shouted. I was hoping someone could hear me. Everyone was talking over one another, or to themselves. I could hardly hear myself think. I usually preferred spending time with old […]

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Paradox by Jared Povanda

When it is raining, this boy feels alone and connected. A paradox of tone. The world a ripened fruit, not to savor, but to dig his fingers inside. To mash. This boy, sometimes, stands in the shower and pretends it’s raining. Pretends his body is […]

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Practicum by Megan Carlson

I fired my weapon today. I never have before. We’ve done drills, so I was prepared. My body knew what to do. He marched, arm straight out, toward the guidance counselor (the one who wears earrings that look like little spirals, like she’s hypnotizing you). […]


Weather Mix by Orit Yeret

Start at the very beginning. Write what you know. That was the only advice Natalie’s professor offered her when they met yesterday to discuss her term paper. It had been snowing all day long; white showers had piled up, covering every possible surface. Some people […]

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