Return by Goldie Peacock

We shot in one of the ramshackle, defunct rooms at the Eastland Hotel during a blizzard. As we navigated labyrinthine hallways closed to the public en route to our makeshift studio, we whispered like we were doing something illicit, despite David’s of course having obtained […]

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Turn on Your Machines by Kate Gehan

I add to the festivities. I create glow because I otherwise wouldn’t return from the darkness. I don’t turn down the dial. My walkway is lined with small flags we waved on the 4th of July before the accident in August crushed everyone in the […]

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God Only Knows by M.M. Kaufman

Few can do it, but I’ve gotten the perfect level of drunk for karaoke. Paced myself and now I am feeling the right amount of bold, horny, irreverent, and ultimately nihilistic. I am ready.  I make eyes with the guy running the mic and he […]


Faith at A&W by Shawna Ervin

Dear Josh, Today, I pulled my A&W mug down from a cabinet. There was a dead spider in it, a thick coating of dust on the rim. It’s been thirty years this spring since I stole that beveled glass mug, thirty years since I saw […]

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Real Heart by Naz Knudsen

The music came with a steady beat of swinging arms and staring eyes. I was a child. I felt insecure, out of tune, awkward. I wanted to disappear, to hide from the hum and the heat. You drew me out of the dark corners of […]


Moonshine by Kirsten Reneau

Of course I want to go back and capture that night in that mason jar, the one with former lives holding pickled apples, apple cider, homemade wine. I would have mixed up the fireflies that danced outside your bedroom with the Everclear mixture spiked with […]

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