For Dina by Andrea Lynn Koohi

This year’s donation came two days before Christmas – a single large box with a red bow on top. Usually the gifts weren’t right for Dina, since they mostly included toys for younger kids. Dina was 12 and past the age most people pictured when […]

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Evocations by Elizabeth Bluth

CONTENT WARNING: implications of sexual assault and domestic violence   The bar is loud and hot, too small to hold all these people as is always the case with dingy New York bars, but this is where Mark wanted to have his birthday and so […]

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Old Soul by Lisa Lerma Weber

I have a photo of my son taken when he was about two years old, smiling as he walked through the wet grass outside the hospital where we’d gone to visit his great-grandmother who was recovering from a serious illness. My boy was too rambunctious […]

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The Block Association by Alison Lowenstein

The block association welcomed the new neighbors by throwing a pipe bomb through their window. In the suburban tract housing development, created decades before for newly minted veterans in search of the American Dream, every house was identical. This meant the attackers strategically tossed the […]

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Childhood’s End by Alyson Tait

John, James, Mary, and Martha were inseparable, tied together since birth. They’d lived on the same cul-de-sac, gone to the same elementary school, and grew up being called each other’s names. Every day during summer vacation, they marched out the back gate of Mary’s house, […]

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