After four incredible years, it’s time to say goodbye. Running this mag has been one of my proudest achievements, but I feel I’ve done all I set out to do. I want to thank our contributors for making this place as special as it was, our readers for sticking with this little literary experiment for as long as you did. Thanks for everything. Much love to you all!

– Liza

4 thoughts on “Goodbye.”

  1. Sasha Brown says:

    Oh, heck. 😦 Goodbye! You published some great work! Tipping some out for you. It’s not beer. It’s coffee. Spilling some coffee for you. Thank you for all you did for writers, and I wish you the very best in your own writing and future endeavors.


  2. Alice Lowe says:

    all best to you, Liza. I’ve enjoyed (mac)ro(mic) as both contributor and reader, consider it one of the best little mags out there.


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