(mac)ro(mic) is closed.

After four incredible years, it’s time to say goodbye. Running this mag has been one of my proudest achievements, but I feel I’ve done all I set out to do. I want to thank our contributors for making this place as special as it was, our readers for sticking with this little literary experiment for as long as you did. I’m leaving our original submission guidelines below to remember, and as a testament to the strength of the work I got to read and publish. Thanks for everything. Much love to you all!

– Liza

We want your heart, your soul, the pieces that are a part of you. We want stories that are worlds in words, pieces that tell a (mac)ro story in a (mic)ro word count. We want works that focus on expressing, not impressing. Above all else, we want stories that connect. Our only restrictions? It has to be either flash fiction or creative nonfiction, 1,000 words or less. Other than that, surprise us.

We pay $15 per accepted piece.