Even at the Quiz Bowl Championships, I Can’t Stop Thinking of Us by Lauren Kardos

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1. Two cars are driving toward one another to go to Ryan’s houseparty. Amy leaves Town A at 9pm traveling at 60 miles per hour. Wes departs Town B at 9:15pm traveling at 70 miles per hour. The distance between Town A and Town B is three Florence + the Machine songs apart. For 10 points — what is the EXACT moment that Amy realizes Ryan invited Wes too?

answer: 34 seconds into “Cosmic Love”

Bonus question 1: Answer the following questions about the color blue. For 10 points each —

A. Wes rented this 1999 thriller featuring sentient sharks and Alzheimer’s researchers on the third date with Amy, kissing her as LL Cool J avenged his devoured bird. 

answer: Deep Blue Sea 

B. For their one-year anniversary, Wes gifted Amy a locket featuring this gemstone, comprised of crystallized aluminum oxide and other trace minerals.

answer: Sapphire 

C. This author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” coined the term “the blues” in 1807 to denote sadness and heartbreak, or how Amy feels when her best friend Dani tells her Wes has been slipping notes into Veronica’s locker. 

answer: Washington Irving

2. “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” For 10 points each — which character and from which Shakespearean play did Amy quote in AIM messages to Wes, pleading they stay together?

answer: Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

3. Utilized in World War I and World War II, the German military developed a form of surprise attack, featuring swift, crushing force, much like Wes’s changing Myspace relationship status, ignoring Amy’s calls, and making out with Veronica and some freshman at the homecoming dance, all within 24 hours. For 10 points — what is this style of warfare?   

answer: Blitzkrieg

4. From papercuts to brush burns, red blood cells play an important role in repairing the physical body, though not in mending broken hearts, leaving Amy to superglue hers back together, shard by shard. For 10 points — what is the name of the structural protein which supports healing?

answer: collagen

Bonus question 4: Answer the following questions about Appalachia, where Amy road-tripped with Dani over spring break. For 10 points each —

A. Featuring sights such as “Dream Lake,” “The Stalacpipe Organ,” and “Titania’s Veil,” Amy and Dani almost got kicked out for causing a ruckus through the tour of this Virginia National Natural Landmark.

answer: Luray Caverns

B. In Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Dani shattered Amy’s digital camera trying to climb the wings of this cryptid statue. 

answer: The Mothman

C. At the peak of this small mountain in Maryland, sharing a name with a Brazilian attraction, Amy cursed Wes’s memory into a sudden storm, pitched his locket into the valley, and descended slowly with Dani, each raindrop on her cheeks a rebirth. 

answer: Sugarloaf Mountain  

5. Early automobiles in the United States and Europe did not incorporate the reverse gear, which Amy shifted to after seeing Wes’s Metallica bumper stickers in Ryan’s driveway, turning instead toward Dani’s for an offered movie marathon, backtracking gingerly to keep her heart-shards in place. For 10 points each — which two European inventors are said to have first incorporated the reverse gear into automobile production?

answer: Karl Benz and Louis Renault

Lauren Kardos (she/her) writes from Washington, DC, but she’s still breaking up with her hometown in Western Pennsylvania. You can find her on Twitter @lkardos.

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