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Spinners by J.B. Stone

To some, it’s the cheap, last minute gift picked up from a distant father, idling through the display shelves of Dollar General. For Malcolm it was release. Grasped between his palms, it worked its underrated magic, trickling down the nerves of his fingers, a gentle […]

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James by J. Edward Kruft

We weren’t friends, unless you count that week. Can a week be considered a friendship? And then it is heard from a great distance that at not quite 46, he’s dead, and it makes one reassess history, and its influences. I don’t recall who sneaked […]

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Letters from War by Neal Suit

The parade of black, casseroles, gluey eyes, and lilting words ended. The house was silent and heavy, like a concrete fog seeping into each crevice and nook. “Is mom going to be ok?” my sister asked.  “Yes,” I lied. Mom roamed the halls, looking for […]

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A Eulogy by Andrew Older

I began with a platitude. “James was one of the best people I knew.” That was always a good place to start, right? I swallowed and shuffled the papers in my hands. Of course, I had the whole eulogy memorized; I had practiced at least […]

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Venus Flytrap by Candace Hartsuyker

It starts after she begins her new job working in the plant nursery, one month after you move in. You like how sexy she looks: hips shimmying, fingers tying apron strings in a bow behind her back. Inside the greenhouse, the heat is sweltering. There’s […]

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This One by Alan ten-Hoeve

They come in drunk, trying not to make too much noise stumbling through the dark single-wide. They think I’m asleep but I am only pretending. I was up right before I saw the headlights sweep across the fake wood paneling of the living room walls. […]

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