Stiller by Wilson Koewing

I grew up going to school with Stiller, but never knew him well. The way you know everyone in a small town, but don’t know them well. We first met in middle school. Through junior high and the first two years of high school, Stiller […]

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Glue by Emily Harrison

The console table is more than a console table, but you don’t know that yet, not when Ma says you can put it in your bedroom, if you want. It’s only gathering dust in the loft. Pop built the console table for Ma’s eighteenth birthday. […]

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Montreal Triptych by Karen Zey

You and me, babe, against the world. I recite the charm against contagion at the start of every neighbourhood walk. As my husband and I leave the yard, I reach for his hand and say the words. If I forget, he stops on the sidewalk […]

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More Pennies by Yash Seyedbagheri

After Dad leaves for another drinking session, my older sister Nancy and I look for snack money under ripped sofas and Dad’s second-hand futon, which smells like sweat and stale feet. I’m thirteen, she’s sixteen.  We dig beneath every cushion, craning our necks. We look […]

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Sofia by Catherine Bloomer

In the haze of twilight, she felt both confident and then, suddenly, at a loss when she tripped over a pile of garbage on Broadway. It was light enough for her to see, but dark enough that in this moment she had been careless, not […]

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