Venus Flytrap by Candace Hartsuyker

It starts after she begins her new job working in the plant nursery, one month after you move in. You like how sexy she looks: hips shimmying, fingers tying apron strings in a bow behind her back. Inside the greenhouse, the heat is sweltering. There’s […]

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This One by Alan ten-Hoeve

They come in drunk, trying not to make too much noise stumbling through the dark single-wide. They think I’m asleep but I am only pretending. I was up right before I saw the headlights sweep across the fake wood paneling of the living room walls. […]

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The Diaries by Susannah Kennedy

All through my childhood, my mother settled once a day to chronicle her life. Her diaries were factory-made, squarish, embossed with the year on the cover, the date printed onto the page, thin lines regulating the number of words allowed for emotions, events—no more, no […]


Deficiency by Shareen K. Murayama

I have a hard time imagining four pairs of ample feet draping out beneath a blanket’s edge. My grandfather was the oldest of twelve; my mother, of eight. Both were reared under one roof, in a rural town on something like a farm, selling something […]

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The Truthful Liar by Yash Seyedbagheri

Nick’s father demands truth, yet he also dissects truths. You’re selfish, weak. Why did you choose writing? Why not some other major? Come home, serve your father. He demands the minutiae of Nick’s life. He needs to know what he excretes, what he drinks and […]

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Kismet by SM Colgan

Your throat burns with the taste of the whiskey on his lips. He is not a whiskey drinker (you know from his cousin’s letters) but in this last year he has developed a taste for it, almost a habit. You cannot say you blame him. […]

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