Simple Bouquets by T. L. Sherwood

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Using borrowed garden shears, I cut the stems of violets then use my water bottle as a vase to bring them home. These purple and white petals will form a simple bouquet to set on the table between our dinner plates. It’s midweek, so nothing fancy, probably pork of some sort, vegetables, pasta, but more likely rice. My husband contends it’s this administration’s policies that are improving the nation, gave rise to the bump in stocks we own, has made me more docile in our domicile. I demure as he speaks, let him think whatever he wants, never hint at my lover in the woods who sucks my wildflower stained toes.


T. L. Sherwood loves flash fiction and hates flash floods. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Spelk, Bending Genres, New World Writing, On the Premises, and The Bacopa Review. She’s currently working on a novel and blogs twice a month at

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