Questions for the Resume Workshop by Emily Ramser

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Is owning a funeral dress something I should list on my resume?

As a recent college grad, I’m nervous about finding a job, and I can’t help but wonder what parts of my life are applicable skills that I should be listing on my LinkedIn.

It’s black and grey paisley with long sleeves and a high collar. I’ve only worn it a few times like my senior thesis presentation, my grandfather’s funeral, and my uncle’s funeral. It was originally meant to be just a presentation outfit, but when you’re a poor college student, sometimes things have to serve dual uses.

Can I put on my resume that I wrote my uncle’s eulogy?

I’ve written lots of things before, of course, but none seem as significant. I mean to capture a man’s whole life in a few words is fairly impressive even if you don’t feel like you did that good of a job.

What about knowing seven people who have died in five months? Is that relevant experience? I’m not sure. I really should have taken a couple of business classes like my father recommended.

Then again, I’m not sure if I should apply to any jobs right now because they’ll probably require a phone interview. I’m too scared to pick up the phone currently. If I don’t pick up the phone, I can’t get another phone call saying someone’s died.

But, back to the original topic, would owning a funeral dress be listed under special skills or relevant experience?


Emily Ramser is a California transplant poet living and writing in Denton, Texas. She teaches creative writing to middle schoolers and writes poems about flowers and being a lesbian in her spare time. She has published four books with Weasel Press, the most recent being UHaul: A Collection of Lesbian Love Poems. You can check out her work on her blog,, or tweet her at @ChickadeePoems.

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